I’m Audrey. I was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and a British father. My father was military, and we moved around often. I think it was this habit of moving that gave me my need to travel.

After years in the “rat race”, I discovered a passion for teaching and spent a year on Morocco volunteering as an English teacher for various groups. It was during this time that I started the basic groundwork that would become Fluency First.

When the War started in Ukraine, I wanted to help, and quickly filled my time by helping match hosting sponsors with refugees. I was part of a wonderful team that did an amazing job, but I felt my skills were better used in another way. So I started by teaching arriving Ukrainians how to speak “survival English”; not the English you need to pass tests, but the English you need to be able to open a bank account or tell a doctor how you are feeling.

Once I threw out the fronted adverbials, I found I had an awful lot of people needing the help I was offering, and I quickly became overwhelmed.

I’d met Rend through the match co-ordinating work I was doing, and spoke to her about my idea of making Fluency First a charity. Rend offered to make me part of MUMS4UKRAINE, and I was absolutely thrilled to come on board.

So many plans, so little time!

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