I am possibly the oldest member of the team, and British! However, that just proves the fact that the desire to help those Ukrainians in dire need cuts across the boundaries of age and nationality.

I was born and raised in a traditional English family in Cambridge. With three brothers, I was the only daughter and was very close to my father. He was a life long Labour supporter and had a great interest in current affairs and history at both home and abroad. He was an Internationalist so I grew up with a strong interest in world affairs and history. At London University I studied Geography at SOAS which was followed by a career in teaching.

John Donne, the English 17th century metaphysical poet famously said “No man is an Island”, and I truly believe this. So throughout my life I have been involved in helping others in a variety of ways.

So when I saw the dreadful catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine, I knew I needed to do something to help.

It seemed to me that the most pressing need was to set up collection points for aid in Cambridge so that is what I have been doing for the last few weeks. Initially the aid was sent for the Ukrainians leaving their homes and fleeing to safe countries, but more recently is being sent into Ukraine.

By the 24th April we will have 5 active collection points open in Cambridge for the public to donate their aid. There will be more opening in the coming weeks, which will enable us to send even more help for those in dire need.

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